Stitching Connections, Corona-Style

Here’s a first, at least to come across my desk: A paper range born during a pandemic! Meet Send a Stitch, created stitch by exacting stitch by Katrina Simon.

“I have been in NYC during all of this,” Katrina wrote me, “So social distancing was (and is!) very real here and I was having very little contact with others when it started. I wanted a way to stay connected to others in a ‘physical’ way. I started creating these greeting cards using stitching because it added a tactile, artisanal component to a personal note and card.”

These are not the first stitched cards I’ve seen (and it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen any), but they are absolutely charming!

Katrina’s background is in fashion and textile design, so the infusion of what is typically considered a textile-only technique was a natural fit. And there are two ways to buy. Buy A Stitch is the old fashioned method — place an order and the cards are sent to you.

Send A Stitch meanwhile is true one-stop stationery shopping. You pick a card, write a message, add the recipient info, and your hand-stitched missive is written and mailed for you. “Since we are all staying connected digitally during all of this, I wanted to leverage all of our screentime and digital use, and put it to use by providing people with an easy way to send physical cards right from their device.”

“What inspires me and what I love is that I help people stay connected through a physical, caring touch,” Katrina told me — and I think these can be the start of many a rekindled connection!

Start your stitch shopping here!