#SendFriendship (for Free!) with PackBurro!

Today I’ve got a real treat for you all — not just the joy of connecting with loved ones, not just sensational stationery, but also the gift of organization! PackBurro is a free (and most fabulous!) app for collecting and tracking mailing addresses — and if you give it a whirl, you’ll get three equally free postcards, created in collaboration with the brilliant minds at Hello!Lucky and Mixbook.Founder Kate Hopkins has a background in business, strategy consulting and software investing. “I came up with the idea for PackBurro while in business school at Stanford — I love real mail but struggle with addresses,” she told me. “At the time I had just moved for the fifth time in five years (many of my friends had recently moved too) and it seemed ridiculous to me that for all the ways technology has made it easier to stay connected, there still isn’t a good solution for keeping updated addresses. Ironically, I think real mail becomes an increasingly meaningful way to communicate as our online lives get more and more cluttered. I wasn’t able to shake the idea, so a few years later, I started learning to code to build an address tracking app.”This simple concept — being able to send physical things to people you stay in touch with digitally — is definitely one whose time has come. PackBurro melds your online connections to physical addresses, making it possible to easily access the mailing address of anyone for whom you have an email address or cell phone number. I have to say, when I write a thank-you, finding someone’s mailing address is often the longest (and most daunting, not to mention tedious) part of the equation!Not only is PackBurro completely free, but it easily updates from year to year. You can export addresses to an Excel spreadsheet — perfect for envelope printing, bulk addresses and special events — and there’s even birthday reminders and fun gift recommendations. Most importantly, your address book is completely private. You control who has your address, and PackBurro will never sell your data.

Today, it’s been almost a year since Kate wrote the first line of code, but the project has really accelerated in the past six months. She was able to open up PackBurro to non-friend users this summer — and this promotion is a great way to bring it into your life! Just create a free PackBurro address book (as a new user) and collect 3+ addresses from friends by 9/20. Your postcards will be on their way to you at the end of September.Kate is also seeking partnerships with The Paper Chronicles audience, be you a maker, retailer, or some combination of both. If you are a store or an invitation provider, imagine being able to simplify your brides’ lives — and if you are a designer, wouldn’t you love to see your product there?

“We’re excited to connect with people in the industry who want to team up to make it easier to for their customers to track more addresses and send more mail. Plus we’re always looking to learn about (and feature) great things to send. Anyone interested can contact me at kate@packburro.com.”As our digital personas show no sign of abating, the future of PackBurro is bright. “My goal is to make it easy to send physical things to people you stay in touch with digitally,” Kate observed. “Today PackBurro helps you aggregate contact information and birthdays for the people you care about into one place. Looking ahead, I aim to make it possible to access your PackBurro address books to send something from an online retailer directly to a friend and offering great recommendations for things to send. Additionally, I’d like to expand PackBurro’s reach. PackBurro works well for individuals, but even better for groups of friends — it’s easy to share or update an address with multiple people or organizations at once. I’d like to build up that network of mailing addresses so that more up-to-date addresses can be available more quickly.”

So, what are you waiting for? These postcards combine the sweet snarkiness of Hello!Lucky and the quality of Mixbook. Go here and #SendFriendship today!

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