Pretty Pattern Packs from Xenia Taler

Ready for some Tuesday morning eye candy? Check out these new Pattern Packs from Xenia Taler.

They’re designed to be kept on hand to suit a variety of occasions, with beguiling imagery drawn from Xenia’s extensive archive of original hand-painted tiles. I think you’ll agree that there’s a real hoarding danger here, as they’re almost too pretty to send out!arches_yel_singl cntry_light_pnk garden_ornage_env_1 bugs_green flamingo_pink geo_moons_red Lips_stack_pink parrots_blue_2 town_yellow trees_blue_1_900 tri_tri_red w_twn_cntry_packedw_zig_tri_packEach set from the Ontario maker consists of eight cards and envelopes in two coordinating designs on 100% recycled paper. Buy them here for $12/a pop!  tropics_white_packaging_simple