POST by Katie Leamon

Stationery subscription services certainly abound these days, but this is the first one I’ve come across with an international accent. Meet POST by Katie Leamon, a monthly luxury service bringing with it a bevy of surprises — from hand-printed cards and notesets to gold-foiled notebooks and wrap packs — fresh from the U.K.

If you’re a fan of Katie’s posh wares, you’ll love them even more when they land on your doorstep every month. Mine was filled with stickers, loose cards, a luxury notebook and a letter-writing set, so charmingly presented I don’t have the heart to break it up or use it yet!For_KatieLeamon_September2015_Overheads_279 copy For_KatieLeamon_September2015_Overheads_249 copySign up by February 29 to receive March’s box, which mails March 7. International subscriptions are offered on a rolling monthly basis (that means you can cancel at any time) at £26/month (about $37) including delivery.

You can see all of Katie’s wares in person stateside this May at National Stationery Show, Booth 1552.

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