Otto & Berk hits #NSS2019!

It’s hard to believe that National Stationery Show opens its first-ever August doors in just a few short days. Part of what always makes the show special (and unlike any other I’ve encountered) is the unpredictable nature of its exhibitors. You never know just what fresh indie design you will stumble across — like, for example, first-time exhibitor Otto & Berk.

Coming from a fashion background, Founder/Creator Whitney Berkowsky is a self-taught graphic designer and cites runway magazines as her biggest inspirations, especially when it comes to use of color.  I’m smitten with her inspiration board!

“My life as a new mom has also been a source of inspiration, and drive,” she added. “I went from a 9-5 denim sales job in NYC to a work-from-home mom in the ‘burbs. This is something that a lot of Millennials can relate to due to the cost of daycare, so I’ve used my designs as a way to inspire and empower women who are figuring out their new lifestyle.”

I love this, and this Gen Xer wishes this conversation was happening when my daughter was an infant. All I have to add here is that the adjusting and adapting is the one constant as your child grows!

So while Otto & Berk has a definite feminist bent — as you can see by this first shot — the range is an enticing, feminine blend of hand-lettering, gorgeous florals and splendid sentiment.

See it all for yourself in booth #220 in a few short days. Oh, and it’s still not too late to register for #NSS2019!