NSS Mailers, Part 7!

Good morning! Let’s get cracking on this last batch of National Stationery Show mailers! It’s a big one, so sit back & relax.

First up we have Wishbone Letterpress, which promises not only wizardry and trickery, but paper sickery in Booth #2162. I love its stark, spellbinding simplicity.

Wishbone_NSS_mailer2015Wishbone_new_birthday_cards Wishbone_new_fathersday Wishbone_new_sorry_crabby

Jenipher of Nightly Doodles was sick all week, so I am thrilled she was feeling better enough to send these shots my way. Looking forward to swinging by Booth #2264 for her debut. I sure hope she’s feeling better!

unnamed-2 unnamed

Also making its debut is Made in Brockton Village — that’s in Toronto by the way. How adorable is this line? I’ll be checking it out in Booth #1963.

1_madeinbv_mailer_closed 3_madeinbv_mailer_open_sample 4_greeting_card_sample 6_waves_1000px

Next up we’ve got Shifting Status Kuo. The box Theresa sent me was filled with an unbelievably fragrant lemon potpourri in an oversized tea bag. Looking forward to meeting her & seeing her screen-printed wares in Booth #2064.

SSK_NSS box mailer_1 SSK_Cup of Thank You_web1 SSK_Brighten My Day_web2 SSK_Bday Mylar Balloon_web3

I loved this sweet little packet from Underwood Letterpress and it was handy, my daughter already used the ruler for a school project. The range looks so adorable, check them out in Booth # 2363 with all those fabulous Ladies of Letterpress.  Photos courtesy of  Stephanie Collins Photography. 

UnderwoodLetterpress_May 06, 2015_001-2 UnderwoodLetterpress_May 06, 2015_001 UnderwoodLetterpress_May 06, 2015_002-2

beve! sent me the cutest postcard, providing a hint of the plethora of party wares to be on display in Booth #1444. So looking forward to seeing all that gorgeous washi tape, paper straws and goodies galore — not to mention sweet Lauren — very soon!

mailer shot mint, gold, black beve neon and black sprinkles, rainbow, bacon and sparkles tutti frutti

Abbey of 6.25 Paper — she’s the middle lass below — is a true renaissance woman. Not only does she design a stationery line, she also runs a store AND designed out the past several issues of Stationery Trends, talk about talent! Unfortunately the decision was made to take its design in-house. I will really miss working with her — but can’t wait to see her and her brilliant wares in Booth #1944.

625mailer2 625_actually 625_illustratin 625_monograms

Chase and Wonder is yet another new line to me, this one hailing from the U.K. I wax eloquent about the British Design Invasion here all the time, so it’s no surprise that I love their whole vibe and can’t wait to visit Booth #1447!

Chaseandwonder_invite_NSS_photo Chaseandwonder_Cards Chaseandwonder_stationery Chaseandwonder_washbags ChaseandWonder_Wrappingpaper Chasenadwonder_Dandy_Lion

I love Sue Jean Ko’s screen-printing so much, I still have her little numbered print from last year’s mailer in my office. Now she has united with the equally fabulous Boyoun Kim to become The Sea Pink. They’re in Booth #2255, don’t miss it!

photo1_1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5

I love Smudge Ink’s mailer, and how it captures what goes into the “magic” of a show booth. From fitting everything into the hatchback, to realizing they only brought one step stool, to braving the behemoth Starbucks line, being fabulous takes a lot of work! See it all in Booth #2635.


smudgeink-mailer-2 smudgeink-multilingual-thank-you-notes

So, yesterday I swung by my post office box and also received a bunch of mail from the ST office … all of which included about 20 more fabulous mailers! There is just no way I can show them all here unfortunately, but suffice to say I will be hitting every booth I’m invited to and will attempt to showcase it all here and in the pages of Stationery Trends. I won’t be posting here next week, but TPC will be back post-Memorial Day.

Obviously I’m beyond pumped for the show and look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. One that note, if you see me scurrying around, please say hi!

Safe + undelayed travels to you all. xo, Sarah