NSS Mailers, Part 6!

Ready for more paper beauty? First up we’ve got this lovely foiled bottle of champagne to toast National Stationery Show, courtesy of The Social Type. Hit Booth #2150 on Sunday from 5-6 for Happy Hour & additional show specials!


Sugar Paper’s envelope had a nice bulk to it when I picked it up — little did I realize that there was another envelope inside it! The chic mailer — replete with a pin-striped liner, understated foil touches and a wee wax-sealed envelope — is an homage to their fabulous new desk collection, debuted here last week. I’m thinking Booth #1831 will be especially mobbed this year as a result.
sugar_paper copy

Here’s an exhibitor I’m not too familiar with — meet Scotch & Cream, a husband and wife duo with a shared passion for mid-century modernism. Alvin, a lover of fine spirits, is the “Scotch,” while sweet-toothed Robin is the “Cream.”  I’m looking forward to meeting them and seeing their wares in Booth #2171. Those notepads with the scalloped edge are beyond adorable!

scotch&cream-mailer scotch&cream-foil_cards scotch&cream-notebooks scotch&cream-ornaments scotch&cream-sweetest_buffet

Caroline Creates created a coordinating stamp at stamps.com for a great presentation from the envelope out. Looking forward to seeing her cute wares in Booth #2135. Photos courtesy of Neha Sharma Photography.
CC Mailer3 cstyled-18

I love the apricot, orange and blue palette of this letterpressed mailer from Iron Curtain Press. Their Shorthand Collection of “the cutest office supplies of all time” looks most intriguing as well. Between them and Sugar Paper, I’m starting to suspect that 2015 may just be the year of the desk! Visit Booth 1952 to check them out. Those brass push pins are beyond adorable, plus they have over 30 fabulous new cards.

unknownunknown-1 ICLA_croissant ICLA_karaoke

I cannot get enough navy in my life, so I’m particularly enamored of Reyn Paper‘s box of goodies, which gets extra points in my book for including a fortune cookie. They make their NSS debut in Booth #2070, with a mesmerizing array of notebooks, jotters, notepads and cards. That camel notebook is limited edition featuring purple metallic foil, wow!

REYNPAPERCO_MAILER_NSS_2015Limited_Edition_Camel_Notebook Jotter_Notebooks Outpost_Collection

Here’s yet another envelope-within-an-envelope mailer, but with a completely different vibe, from Hen Pen Paper Co., who debuts in Booth # 2266. Lara and Brian are another husband and wife team, from just down the road from me in Columbus, Ohio. I love the little die-cut megaphone included in the envelope, and their range looks really fun.

HenPenPaperCo_Mailer1 HenPenPaperCo_Mailer2 HenPenPaperCo_BdayCardHenPenPaperCo_RainbowCatsCardHenPenPaperCo_Product1

Last up, we’ve got another debut, this time from Smarty Pants Paper Co. Kate lives up to her company’s name by making her mailer a real notebook, plus that eraser is actually her business card, with her details on the back! I’m smitten.



Check out Smarty Pants’ letterpressed and screen-printed wares in Booth #1442, and come back tomorrow for even more fabulous mailers!