NSS cards (1 of ?)

I am still slowly winding my way through all my National Stationery Show photos and couldn’t not share a few favorite cards here.

First up we have this letterpressed missive from BenchPressed. What went down exactly? I’m not sure, that’s Classified. $4.95.

benchpressed copy

Who else is glad the holidays are six months off? This gem from Paper Epiphanies reminds us to rejoice, in letterpress no less. $5.95.

paper_epiphanies copy

I love it when a card gently reminds us of our true priorities. This one, also letterpressed, is from Power & Light Press, $5.

power and light

When you want someone to tell it to you straight, look to Erin Smith of Erin Smith Art. Get it off your chest for just $3.95!
erin smith copy

Finally, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to be told this in writing. Thank you Paper Cub for making it happen, in screen-printed form no less! This design is so new, it’s not even online yet — but if you’re lucky, maybe there’s a stockist nearby.

paper cub copy