Noted @ *Noted Finalists (2 of 3)

Good morning everyone, I’m back for round 2. You all know the drill, so let’s get started!

Girl w/Knife. What inspired this card? The sobering realization that we’re going to have to censor our girl-talk around my friend’s new baby. I left this card black and white with a white envelope so it would be gender-neutral.

Things By Bean. I actually love using swear words but I knew my grandmother looked at my website occasionally, so I got crafty about it.

Stormy Knight. I created a range that people can send whilst social distancing. I think this one sums up how most of us are feeling right now, whilst using an image we’ve all come to associate with reaching out to one another during tough times.

I placed a small print run as I was unsure of how many stockists would be ordering during lock down and most of my business is through trade — but it sold out within 12 hours and I needed to place a new order immediately!

Inklings Paperie. How lovely would it be to share the joy of flowers in the mail? We created this new range to do just that. Two base card options are available (Dusty Rose or Moss Green), along with five blends of botanicals. Customize with a typewritten message, or inscribe it by hand for a beautiful card experience they’re sure to remember. Also worth noting is that our Wildflowers + Mint Flowergram also doubles as a botanical face steam! Place the blooms (calendula, mint, chamomile, lavender and cornflower) into a bowl, then pour boiling water over them to release a fragrant steam that will soothe and pamper the recipient!

When the Covid-19 crisis reached our soil and stores began shutting their doors, we decided to reach out to our retailers with a Flowergram and a handwritten note. To date, we have mailed over 500 Flowergrams to stores that have been most affected by this crisis. Our hope is that they were able to bring a little bit of beauty to someone’s day during an uncertain and unprecedented time.

Finch and Fleur. What inspired this card? The life-giving sun, and the magical feeling you get from loved ones on your birthday. Someone told me I was golden on my 30th birthday this past year, and it made me feel so special. The text will be gold-foil, a new style for my greeting card line.

UWP Luxe. We were inspired by ornate details and lettering from vintage seed packets. To keep with the theme, we used seed paper for the envelope.

KB Paperie. Building on our line of “distance” cards we wanted to create a card that felt specific to the coronavirus pandemic. This card came from our internal battle of longing for human interaction while also knowing that our distance is the best thing we can do for one another.

Kitty Meow Boutique. With all the craziness going on in the world right now I really wanted to design a card that gave thanks, offered appreciation, and a gave a laugh to the nurses who are putting their lives on the line dealing with the pandemic.

Less than 24 hours after I put this card up for sale, I was reached out to by a New Jersey brick & mortar shop who has pivoted their business. They have been on a mission to sew & donate 100 million face masks to #SewAwayCorona. They reached out to see if I would be interested in donating this card so they could include something fun with their face mask delivery. I was able to donate 700 cards to this cause. It makes me feel good knowing a little something I designed will bring joy to those who need all the joy they can get right now. This is the power of a greeting card!!

Hitchcock Creative. In a time where we can’t hug everyone we want to in person, a virtual hug is a reminder that it’s going to get better. It might be raining now, but the rainbow is bound to come.

We have been giving these cards away to everyone who makes an order right now. It’s been fun to hear people surprised at getting a special free card!

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted! And congratulations to the finalists. I have begun receiving physical card samples from the finalists and I can’t say they will make my decision-making any easier.

Much appreciation to my fellow judges — Dan Collier of Daniel Richards; Audrey Woollen of Urbanic Paper Boutique, Barbara Mooney of Daisy’s Mercantile, Tory Wright of Paper E. Clips and Chelsea Shukov of Sugar Paper — as well as the Greeting Card Association.

Finally, the Awards Program will be held online from May 1, 1 to 1:30 EST, as part of a larger Noted: A Virtual Event. Register here!