New from Klinger Creative!

If I’ve been reminded of anything in the past week, it’s how quickly everything can change. Yet the ties that bind us to others still endure, not unlike stationery — one of the few mediums in this new era of social distancing that can still evoke and honor our close bonds to others.

So with that in mind, I’m sharing new Mother’s and Father’s Day cards from Klinger Creative. “They feature all original illustrations in my bright style with humor and heart,” Heather told me. “The Father’s day cards were a bit tougher for me to design as I was raised by a single mom, so I was inspired by my friends with kids, many of whom are game fanatics and bond with their kids over board and video games.”

Several don’t say “Happy Mother’s Day” or “Happy Father’s Day,” making them more of the “Thinking of You” variety. And really, who doesn’t want to convey that to Mom or Dad these days?

Everything is printed domestically on 100% recycled paper and packaged in plant-based compostable clear sleeves. Shop them here, or you can find them wholesale on Faire.