Mind Your Business!

Some TPC readers may remember Ilana Griffo from my coverage some time back of her Rule the World planner. Well, Ilana is still helping others rule the world, one planner at a time, but she’s also got another big new release.

“After growing my stationery line, I realized that so many people I knew wanted to start a business, but they felt so overwhelmed by the idea of business, even though they excelled at their craft … so I wrote a book to help them,” she told me. “Mind Your Business helps people pursue their creative passion, while celebrating the highs, working through the lows, and building a roadmap to watch them grow!”

I feel like everyone’s passion can benefit from this organized, upbeat, common-sense boost — no matter where your business is at.

Only out a few weeks now, the book is already swimming in 5-star reviews over at Amazon (link above).

And, be sure to visit Ilana’s shop page to see upcoming Mind Your Business workshops and lots of other goodies, from enamel pins to Instagram Planning Workbooks (without being annoying AF), hourly printable planners to signed copies of Mind Your Business!