Love All Year with Me You Paper

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, we can get back to business … which for stationeristas means celebrating those people who elevate our lives in small ways, everyday. And I can’t think of a better fresh range to do so with than Me You Paper.

The brand, which premiered at National Stationery Show a few weeks back, was started by Annika and Jen, who were roommates at Boston University. “I had stopped working as a graphic designer to be home with a newborn and toddler and was teeming with emotions and ideas, desperate for a creative outlet,” Annika told me. “While reconnecting over coffee in Boston, we decided that stationery and greeting cards might be a great place for these ideas to live.”

Both are devoted to letter writing, and for Annika, who grew up with first generation immigrant parents, correspondence shaped her childhood. “Sunday mornings my mother would spread out gorgeous sheets of stationery and write to her mother and sister in India,” she recalled. “I loved purchasing stationery, but I didn’t see my family or my own image reflected back to me in the greeting cards at our local stores in Boston.”

To that end, representation and inclusion are the cornerstone of Me You Paper— as well as the goal of visualizing the moments in life that truly connect us.

As you may be able to tell, the people who populate Annika and Jen’s lives are celebrated throughout their designs — and they care just as much for the planet.

Journals, stationery, and art prints are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. Cards sold individually are packaged in compostable bags made from plants, and orders are shipped with environmentally-friendly packaging. Meanwhile, design, printing, manufacturing, production and packaging are sourced locally from materials made in the USA when possible.

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