Kindness (Cards), Free of Charge

I was so glad a few weeks back to get acquainted with Vicky Barone and receive a first-hand introduction to her wonderfully cheery world. Most likely you have already seen dazzling designs from this Raleigh, North Carolina, artist, but just not known who created them. For the past two decades Vicky has worked behind the scenes designing and writing cards for American Greetings. Now she is coming out from behind the licensing curtain to establish her own brand with standout offerings like the stickers you see below.

Last year Vicky unveiled her Kindness Cards, little 3.5″ squares of optimism and cheer. “When everything shut down as the pandemic began, I wanted to help in some way,” Vicky told me. “I’ve spent over 20 years facilitating connection and communication and using my artwork and words to celebrate people. As a mom, an artist and a human, I wanted to find a way to support the world during this crisis. I wanted to show my kids that even little acts of kindness can lead to big change. That’s when the Kindness Card program started.”

“I decided to give away sets of free cards for people to use as a vehicle to lift each other up,” she continued. “In the first week we had fulfilled orders to every state in the US. People were using them to stay connected and support each other — everyone from teachers having to teach virtually, to care givers, to counselors, to friends reaching out, to family members feeling isolated.”

So far Vicky has given out over 200,000 cards — that’s a lot of kindness! You can get your free pack of 30, as well as a cute acrylic stand or Vicky’s coordinating Appreciation Cards, right here. And if you have a store and want to give them to your customers, get started here. And while you’re there, be sure to check out Vicky’s art prints, magnets, note cards, key chains, mugs and even digital downloads.