Katie Made That?

There is great power in the written word, but there is great power too in the forms of the individual letters themselves. Just ask Katie Johnson, proprietress of Katie Made That.

The founder of this Austin house of paper is a huge fan of embellishments and ornamentation, so most of her cards and prints feature a lot of detail work. “I also believe greeting cards offer a wonderful chance for people to genuinely and honestly connect, so I strive to write sentiments that feel like they’re written in the natural, approachable, and often funny voice of a friend!” she told me.

Katie’s work has a beguiling sophistication and confidence to it, as well as a definite distinction, that really takes my breath away. It’s hard to believe the business is only about a year old — it already feels much more established. Shop it all here — and retailers, Katie is also accepting wholesale accounts. This is just the thing to refresh those summer merchandise mixes!