Hand-painted Silhouettes from Mr. Boddington’s Studio!

If you’re looking for a really fabulous Mother’s Day gift (and this especially applies to those of us who prefer to pick out our own; sometimes that’s how to get exactly what you want), look no further than these custom, hand-painted beauties from Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

These encompass everything you love about classic silhouettes, with luxe details that elevate them into exquisite mementos that are completely tailored to your taste. Each is hand-painted in New York City and there’s no need to limit the subject matter to humans, you can even get one of your dog!

Your silhouette will be painted in top-notch gauche ink on 8×10″ archival cardstock. Match them to any spot in the house by picking from multiple colors (including a really cool gold) as well as several signature custom fonts for your text below the image. Buy it unframed ($45), and it comes with a cream mat as well as a customized label. Or get it framed in black, white or gold wood ($100) and it arrives on your doorstep wrapped in kraft paper, ready to hang.All you have to do is take a quick shot of your subject from as perpendicular an angle and as close up as possible. However, if you want it framed, hurry! The deadline to get your order in is tomorrow, April 13. If you’re opting for unframed, you have a reprieve until April 30.

Either way, your gift is completely made in the USA and promises to be a much-loved keepsake that will only get more precious with the passing of time. Order yours here!