A Peek Inside Sugar Paper’s Holiday Collection For Target!

Yesterday I shared details of Sugar Paper Los Angeles‘ 2016 planner and calendar release — but as you may have already heard, that is not the only Target range debuting from this chic house of stationery on November 1. The lush holiday collection is beyond fabulous — and like most fabulous collections, there’s a great story behind it.


Chelsea Shukov filled me in on the details. “It came about because of the datebooks,” she told me. “We joke that we are the little engine that could! We started as two girls with a letterpress in a tiny office. We’re a little shocked and pleasantly surprised that that’s where we are now because that was not our original intention, we just wanted to make cute invitations for people we know.”

At any rate, it all began with a phone call from Target, Chelsea recalled, inquiring if Sugar would do an exclusive gift wrap collection. “That was exciting, because we could do it. We only do six colors of wrap (in the boutique line), and we’re frustrated when we have to go Michael’s and then Target and then Sugar Paper. So our feeling was to create a one-stop shop for girls like us who like to wrap beautiful presents but don’t really want to go to 18 stores.”

Although Jamie and Chelsea considered themselves paper people, they’d never made ribbon, gift toppers and gift bags. “Target sent a list of product types they’d like and we looked at the list and said, ‘Yeah, we can make all of that,'” Chelsea described. “By the time the line was complete the SKU count had doubled.”

The range consists of a total of 160 SKUs, priced from $4-$14 each — but wait until you see it in-store!  “When you walk in the Target holiday section there will be a three-sided endcap with branding and storytelling and every side is a different color story: Minty-blue, neon coral and red black and gold.”05-SugarPaper-Lombardi-a-web03-SugarPaper-Lombardi-a-web 01-SugarPaper-Lombardi-a-web02-SugarPaper-Lombardi-a-web Speaking of which, what is the story with the minty blue and neon coral? “We did it specifically because we live in LA and not everyone celebrates Christmas. Everyone celebrates holidays differently, so it was important to us that it wasn’t just red. We wanted something for everyone, whether they are Jewish, or are like me and have a birthday two days after Christmas. Hanukkah gets really kitschy. We wanted to make it more chic.”

Although the collection is technically for giftwrap, it’s far more flexible than that. “The glitter letters can go on the tree or personalize any package, or place holder. You can put them on a Thanksgiving table and use everyone’s initials.”

27-SugarPaper-Lombardi-web 23-SugarPaper-Lombardi-webOverall, the range is simultaneously boutique-y but accessible, with the ability to mix and match  to put your own style on gifts. It’s tailored and sophisticated, but “we wanted it to read appropriate for a four-year-old,” Chelsea noted. “Christmas is about kids. It’s really polished but it’s happy.”04-SugarPaper-Lombardi-a-webChelsea’s favorite pieces include the rigid boxes (with a pop of gold foil inside) as well as the ribbon. “It’s striped grosgrain, with wooden spools. We kept asking for pie in the sky things, fully expecting they’d say no, and they kept saying yes!” 30-SugarPaper-Lombardi-web

29-SugarPaper-Lombardi-web 25-SugarPaper-Lombardi-web 24-SugarPaper-Lombardi-web

20-SugarPaper-Lombardi-webIt still doesn’t seem completely real to Chelsea. “I think I’m going to fall over when I see it,” she finished. “When you roll out the wrap and cut it, there’s a grid with our logo on back. There was a moment where Jamie and I realized there were thousands and thousands and thousands of people who were going to wrap gifts with these, who are giving presents to people they love. It feels like we’re a part of a really special time in people’s lives. Think of all the goodies they’re going to hold, and kids ripping them open, all these moments we’ll be a part of!”28-SugarPaper-Lombardi-webThe collection is slated to hit Targets around the country and Target.com Nov. 1, but don’t be surprised if that translates into the first week of November for many stores. Get to your local Target while there’s still a good selection!17-SugarPaper-Lombardi-web

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