A Flock of Releases from Small Cloud Shop!

Now more than ever, we can all use a little peace of mind, and Theresa Hutch at Small Cloud Shop is delivering — with a little help from her charming animal herd. TPC readers may remember when I wrote about her White Sage Tarot deck just over a year ago; it was Theresa’s way of to “balance the hyper-masculine energy in our culture with a soft, strong and feminine deck.” Now it will be published by US Games soon, so Theresa has released a new deck, called Land Sky Oracle.

Yoga means to yoke, or join together mind, body and spirit, and the cards journey through Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga. Created to help other visual learners comprehend and remember this ancient wisdom, cows represent the land/material world and owls, the sky/immaterial world. If you practice, this can definitely help bring your path into focus.Theresa has also released a slew of light-hearted greeting cards starring her animal menagerie. She uses her old 1960s typewriter to create an authentically vintage vibe. Stickers have lately been all the rage, and Small Cloud’s enamels customize everything from coffee mugs to laptops. After all, who doesn’t want an amethyst on their phone?Shop it all here & here, with free US shipping with the code dogdays or 10% off with the code world10.